If I Get A Ticket For No Insurance, Can I Just Pay It Off, Or Do I Have To Correct It As Well

If I get a ticket for no insurance, can I just pay it off, or do I have to correct it as well?
I got a ticket with three separate violations in Oakland, one of them was V.C. 16028(a) Proof of Insurance, which the officer marked as a correctable violation. The court sent out a notice saying that I can pay off the ticket with a large sum, correct the correctable violation and pay a smaller fine, or go to court. It also said on the bottom that “Notice: Provide proof of insurance valid on date and time of citation directly to the court.”

I was driving a friend’s car and didn’t have insurance at the time, but I am told that I can still correct it by getting insurance now. But the thing is, the deadline is coming up, and I’ve been really busy and I’m not sure if I have time to get insurance. I’m still a student, so I haven’t found the need to really have a car the past years, and thus didn’t get it before. I kind of want to just pay the entire sum, but would that negatively affect my driving record as opposed to getting it corrected and paying the fine? Or does it not matter?
I guess I did not make myself clear the first time. When I said that there was no insurance, I meant that I had no insurance myself. The car itself had insurance. When the police pulled me over, I could not produce the insurance information for the car because it was with my friend, but I think the police found insurance information anyway because he looked up the license plate and saw that I wasn’t listed under the policy. My friend has insurance for her and her car, but I didn’t.

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