If I Get A Ticket For No Insurance, Can I Just Pay It Off, Or Do I Have To Correct It As Well

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If I get a ticket for no insurance, can I just pay it off, or do I have to correct it as well?
I got a ticket with three separate violations in Oakland, one of them was V.C. 16028(a) Proof of Insurance, which the officer marked as a correctable violation. The court sent out a notice saying that I can pay off the ticket with a large sum, correct the correctable violation and pay a smaller fine, or go to court. It also said on the bottom that “Notice: Provide proof of insurance valid on date and time of citation directly to the court.”

I was driving a friend’s car and didn’t have insurance at the time, but I am told that I can still correct it by getting insurance now. But the thing is, the deadline is coming up, and I’ve been really busy and I’m not sure if I have time to get insurance. I’m still a student, so I haven’t found the need to really have a car the past years, and thus didn’t get it before. I kind of want to just pay the entire sum, but would that negatively affect my driving record as opposed to getting it corrected and paying the fine? Or does it not matter?
I guess I did not make myself clear the first time. When I said that there was no insurance, I meant that I had no insurance myself. The car itself had insurance. When the police pulled me over, I could not produce the insurance information for the car because it was with my friend, but I think the police found insurance information anyway because he looked up the license plate and saw that I wasn’t listed under the policy. My friend has insurance for her and her car, but I didn’t.

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    1. Dan says:

      i believe you have to pay it and its like a $2,000 fine

    2. tlworkroom says:

      Oh, my life history!!

      The only trouble is if you do NOT PAY the fine. You don’t have to get insurance. In fact, if it was a friend’s car, HE was supposed to get insurance for the car. The car, not the person, is supposed to have the insurance, so that whoever is driving the car is covered. The owner of car usually pays for it. So if you were borrowing the car, then you only have to pay the fine, not pay for getting the insurance.

      You can tell that to the judge, that it wasn’t your car, that you don’t have a car and was only borrowing it. You’d pay a fine for getting caught, but then it would be up to your friend to get the fine for his vehicle not being insured. any judgment would go against the vehicle, not you.

    3. jumbobret says:

      Get insurance online. If you got time to ask here you’ve got time to get it online. Eusurance.com

    4. Peedlepup says:

      Since California REQUIRES you to carry insurance if you drive a car, you will need to provide the court with evidence that you now have insurance if you own a car. You are guilty of driving without insurance so you can’t get out of that. If you do not get insurance eventually the DMV will suspend your drivers license.

    5. George A says:

      It is not your car, so you are not responsible to have insurance on the vehicle.

      Getting insurance AFTER the fact will not dismiss the citation. You MUST be able to prove that ON the day that you received the citation, the car was legally insured. No legit insurance company will back date an insurance policy. So if the vehicle had no insurance on it when you were stopped, that part of the citation will still stand.

      Since it was a friends car that you borrowed, you may be able to get that part of the citation transferred to your friend since (s)he is the legal registered owner of the vehicle. Otherwise, YOU will be risking a suspension of YOUR license by DMV for failure to have mandatory insurance since it is required by law in CA & the penalty is an automatic suspension of your license.

    6. DIANE W says:

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    7. Sofie R -College Life in LA says:

      George A is right. Getting insurance after the ticket will not get it dismissed.

      I live in OK and I got the same ticket 3 months ago. I found an insurance agent that back-dated a policy for me. My ticket was dismissed :)

      The fine is $2000 plus court cost and 120 day DL suspension.