Got In An Accident. Lied To Insurance. Am I Screwed

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So recently I got in a VERY minor accident when I rear ended someone at a student parking lot at about 1mph. I’m under 17 and had people in my car. When insurance called, they asked me if i had passengers and I said no. I also said that it is unclear whether the other person had rolled back (since this was on a ramp into a parking lot) and hit my car or I had collided with hers. Now they are contacting witnesses, and they contacted one of my friends who was in my car. Can he refuse to answer their questions? Can he say that he wasn’t in my car? Do they have any valid proof that there were people in my car? Whats the best way to get out of this situation with the most damage control.
They knew to contact my friend because the person I hit used to be a family friend with my friend. They’re not friends anymore as far as i know.
I really hope you guys are right, if you are, a huge amount of stress has just been lifted off of my chest. I wouldn’t even mind paying the up to $500 for repair out of my own money. But I doubt a small paint scratch could cost that much to fix. Yes this whole ordeal is over a minor paint scratch that was mostly wiped away when I wiped it with my thumb.
Ok, I’m considering both options. Since the only damage to this person’s car were very minor paint scratches which came off when i rubbed them a bit. Nothing noticeable from more than a foot away. So I can’t decide if it’s worth it since its not like they have to pay a huge repair if at all. But I’ll probably call the insurance adjuster tommorow. Are their consequences to lying in the first place still?

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    1. jrpmeheh says:

      how did they know to contact your friend?

    2. Yadira says:

      What the insurance doesn’t know won’t kill them. If you lied to them you should of told your friends to say you where alone and if they were called they could lie and say they were near by. There’s no way to proof you had ppl in ur car.

    3. andyinpasco says:

      Stick to your story. You had no passengers and you hit another car. Take responsibility for your mistake and thats it. There’s nothing else to it. Tell your friend to say he knows nothing about it. It’s not like you killed someone and drove away. Investigation is closed.

    4. entidtil says:

      I think you are screwed but I hope I am wrong. “oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”. Good luck

    5. MSAD says:

      So you want to commit insurance fraud. It’s a crime…. a felony actually and you want us to tell you it’s OK to do that.

      I suppose people that do not know anything about the industry will tell you it’s OK to be a criminal. Even if you are a criminal that does not get caught.

      The problem is…..the car you hit saw the passengers in the car. They have no reason to lie about that. If the parking lot was crowded then the people standing around saw the passengers in your car. You telling a lie about it does not make the passengers disappear — just hurts your credibility.

      Then you want your passengers to be a part of the insurance fraud too! You really are a piece of work.

      Here’s what you do… act like a grown up and you own up to your responsibility.

      You call the adjuster and tell them what really happened.

      You won’t get in trouble for telling the adjuster that you were just a little freaked out about what happened and need to amend your statement to them and then tell them the truth.

      Put the shoe on the other foot. How would you feel if someone rear-ended your car and then lied about it? You’d be on YA complaining b/c you were mistreated by that rotten low down dirty *&^%$.

      So, time to put on your big girl pants….. be a grown up and make it right.

    6. MLM says:

      MSAD couldn’t have said it any better. You need to fess up. Remember what goes around comes around, karma’s a b*tch. What if it was the reverse and you were rearended and everybody else lied????????