Fake Injuries Claim By Other Party After Car Accident.. HELP

Yesterday I received a letter from my auto insurance company about an accident I had more than 15 months ago. What happen during the accident was that I was making a left turn as the light has turned red for a split second, but the other person from the opposite direction sped up trying to run through the light and our cars crashed heavily. My car was pushed back for about 15ft while his car stayed at the same place. However, after the collision, we got out of the car and nobody was injured from either sides. He has another passenger with him while I was driving alone. The police and paramedic came and asked if anybody was injured, but there was no injuries so the paramedic left right away. In the police report that I received a few weeks later, there was no injuries listed in it.

In the letter they said that the other party is demanding a huge amount of money for medical bills and injuries claims. Here is what they are demanding: “Anthony XXXX demands $15,500 based on medical bills of $5738.30 and injuries include: Chest wall contusion, cervical/thoracic/lumbar sprain/strain, muscle spasm and Cervicalgia. The demand for Roxanna XXXX is $100,000 based on bills of $33,830.80 and injuries include: Lordosis, cervical/thoracic/lumbar sprain/strain, right hip and thigh sprain/strain, chest wall/rib contusion.”

So what am I supposed to do with this claim? My insurance policy only has a limit of $30K. Will I be sued for the remaining amount? I’m a poor college student with no income or properties so what is going to happen if I get sued? I’ve been having a headache since yesterday worrying about this matter and couldn’t concentrate on anything else or even stay focus during class. Please give me some advice on this matter as this was the first accident I ever had and don’t have much experience on how it will be settled. Thanks for your time.
This is just what I received in the letter from my insurance company. The case is still not settled. The demands listed above are what they are asking my insurance to pay. They still have yet to directly sue me. Right now I’m still keeping contact with my insurance adjuster and he said they will do an investigation of the injuries claim.

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