Does The Name On The Title Of A Car Have To Match The Name On The Registration

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I got a DUI and the insurance is insanely expensive. As a college student, I cannot afford over $300 a month. I own my car (so the title is in my name). I was wondering if my fiance can register and insure my car, without me transferring the title into his name? Usually financial institutions hold the title for a car, but the person is able to register and insure it under their name. I am a little confused on how this would work with a person that owns the title to a car?

Any info would be great, as I can’t find this anywhere on the net.

That would make sense to “sell” it to him, but I think there is also a transfer of title (or something) fee as well. Was hoping to get around that. :)

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    1. Ralfcoder says:

      In my state, the registration form is printed from the info that the state has about this car in their computers. You can’t register it with anything else, unless you transfer title of the car to someone else. For your fiance to legally register it, you’ll have to sell it to him.

    2. brian d says:

      your answer is no unless you get married he can not register your car to him.