Can My Parents Insure My Car That Is Titled And Registered Under My Name

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I am 18 and in college and can’t really afford to pay my own insurance. The car is titled and registered under my name. Im a full time student in college.

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    1. jmb162000 says:

      Yes, unless your state wont permit this, or the insurance company. But yes, they can.

    2. RB says:

      Most insurance companies will not allow you to insure a car that is registered in someone else’s name. The best situation is to have the insurance in your name. This would relieve your parents of liability should you have an accident that causes bodily injury to someone.

    3. Todd C says:

      Yes… it’s done _all the time_. Actually, I’m betting you won’t be able to find an insurance company that will ask you who owns the vehicle. What they care about is knowing the type of vehicle and who will be driving it. This gives them the ability to charge the correct premium.

      Someone is going to bring up “insurable Interest”. Anyone who would suffer from the loss or damage to the vehicle has an insurable interest in the vehicle. So in this case, this would include your parents.

      Note: you asked who can insure the vehicle so I’m assuming your asking about insuring it under your parents policy as opposed to just having them pay the bill for your own insurance (which could be done as well).

    4. Sue says:

      Well, if you put a car registered in your name on your parent’s insurance, there would be no coverage (unless they have Progressive which does not seem to care but the liability will protect your parents as policy holders but you as only a driver – there are differences – and the comprehensive & collision on the vehicle will go to you). If you have a loan on the car, the loan company will not accept a policy in your parent’s name as proof of coverage & will force place coverage to protect their interests in the vehicle. I ask EACH & EVERY time a car is added to a policy who owns it. I have my whole insurance career (19 years +). I have seen coverage denied because a car was not owned by the policy holder – it was not a policy I wrote. Any agent that does not ask this is opening themselves up for an E&O claim (any agent reading this will know what that is). If you want the car on your parent’s policy, you will need to sign it over to them or add their names to the title & registration. You will also need to be added as a driver on their policy & will pay the rates accordingly. You will need to let their insurance company know that the vehicle will be with you in school, if you are away at school with it. Most companies do not like this situation especially if you are out of state. Not all companies are licensed in all states & insurance laws vary state to state.
      Why don’t you ask your parents to help pay for your insurance in your name? If you & your car are added to their policy (with them as owners or co-owners) & you have a major accident that exceeds policy limits – their assets are on the line – their savings, their home, etc.

    5. NY1Krr says:

      I’m not sure where you live but I dont know a single insurance company that will let you do that. I can pretty much guarantee that you wont find one that will allow it.
      The vehicle has to be insured by the registered owner(s).
      The only other option you have is to transfer ownership to your parents and have them insure the car with you as a driver.