Can A 16yr Old Legally Own His Own Car With No Strings Attached By His Parents, In The State Of FL

I am 16 years old, dropped out of school back in 9th grade. However, I quit doing stupid stuff and now attend a community college, have my GED, and hold a job. Me and my parents are doing better at getting along, however that trust may never be reestablished yuh know? I have done everything myself, from GED,to work,To student state grants. I have around 2.5K saved up and want to invest in a 1992 honda civic. My question is, can I own my own car and insurance without the fear of my father being able to take my car every time he gets pissed? I will not be signing contracts, for it will all be paid for in cash. Also, I have a full license. And just out of curiosity…Can anyone give me a good estimate on insurance costs for a 1992 honda civic for a 16 year old teen. All info helps, thanks.

P.S. Be mature guys, I know I should have stayed in school and should be being cheerful with my parents, but that path isn’t for everyone. I am surprisingly very proud of myself at how far I’ve come from that. Thanks.
I can’t stand when people don’t read the question right. I’m sorry, but I though I said I wasn’t signing any contracts…?
I know what I legally can and can’t do.

I’m getting dual answers here, I just need a yes or no guys. Thanks.

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