Is It Illegal For A Car Dealership To Sell A Car To Someone With A Revoked Drivers License

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SInce in the state of Missouri it is required to have a valid drivers license to obtain insurance and the finance company required insurance on a secure loan, such as a car.

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    1. SAM M says:


    2. sigmapi_razz says:

      i wouldnt think so. i think i would be illegal for them to let that person drive off the lot however

    3. your_name_here says:

      I happen to be a MO dealer(in cars I mean). And yes. a valid driver’s license is required
      there is a loophole though. Have a friend buy it and then have the friend transfer it to you. 😉

      Person to person is not illegal in MO. Dealer to person is.(considering the valid license ofcourse)

    4. Eda M says:

      no it is not. the system is designed to prevent that but there is no law aginst it.

    5. elaeblue says:

      It was my understanding that a person did not need to have a drivers license to own a car. That is what I thought. Only need the license to drive the car not own it.

    6. richard o says:

      No anyone can sell a car providing the car is roadworthy

    7. cliff_aka_colt_4_5 says:

      No anybody can buy a car but in order to drive it you have to have insurance and playes and you cant get those without a license

    8. Pedro S says:

      no anyone with $ can buy it.Registration and insurance can be a problem…

    9. Pink_viper says:

      The person with the suspended license can buy the car, but they can’t be allowed to drive it off the lot. They could have someone else drive it for them, but that leaves the insurance problem. Who is the insured driver? I suppose you could have the car insured in the name of the person you choose to have drive it off the lot, which would solve the problem.

    10. Rose P says:

      Good question. My guess is that having a revoked license doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a car. You can buy whatever you want, that’s your right, but you just can’t drive it. Having a revoked license isn’t always a permanent thing, so who says you can’t buy a car whenever you want. It has nothing to do with your purchases, that’s your business, but when it comes to driving a vehicle on a public road, that’s a no no.

    11. steve says:

      It is not illegal for the dealer to sell car to someone w/o driver license and it is also not illegal for someone w/o driver license to own a car. It is illegal for someone drive a car w/o driver license.

      My aunt used to own a car and she doesn’t even have a driver license. The car was for me to use while I was going to college.

    12. J says:

      No, it’s not illegal for someone to buy or own a car who has a revoked license.

      It is illegal for them to DRIVE it where a license is required (on public roads).

      Someone with a revoked license can still drive on private property as long as they do not venture onto a public road.

    13. Devilish13 says:

      No you can own a car and not have to register it. Hence no license is required. However to be positively sure check your local DMV since all states are different

    14. dodge man says:

      its not ill,legal to sell a car to someone without drivers license,,but its ill,legal for that person to drive it,that the law in most states now legally it should be against the law to sell someone a car who doesn’t have a license,,but as of yet anyone can still buy a car,,good luck hope this s help,s.