Why Does My Wheel Make A Loud ‘clunk’ Every Time I Hit A Bump In The Road Even A Small One

I have a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire sedan, 130,000 miles on it. The sound is definitely laut.Zunächst from somewhere around the right rear wheel well, and it is it will make this noise sometimes when I just wanted sharp, especially when I turned, braking and downhill, even if there are no bumps in the road . It got worse over a few months (okay, more 9 months). I took him to the store and got a new rear suspension (MacPherson struts) that a little better. Somehow, two weeks later were covered in the Struts hydraulic fluid, they were so bad the business set free on new ones. The car does not solve any clunk when turning, but almost every bump in the road of this terrible noise. I thought it might be a wheel bearing, but as far as I would a bad wheel bearing more of a constant to make a low blow to know. Could the rear brake (drum brake are on the back) carry? Another important detail: in the last winter I’ve turned my car in the snow and rammed a curb. I think I was going about 15-20 (possibly faster), so it hit him with enough force to bounce off and keep rolling. If I remember correctly, it was the left rear wheel, taken straight to the curb. I guess it could be damaged shaft or framework, but it’s been over a year and the clunking noise is the only thing wrong with the Auto.Irgendwelche ideas? It is front-wheel drive, I do not think it has the rear tie-rod ends or ball joints in the rear. I had the front tie-rod ends are replaced, if I had put the new suspension though.

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