Idle Control Servo1996 Eclipse Gs

I have done some research on the web and have possibly narrowed down what my problem is— 1 out of about 5 times I stop at a light my 1996 eclipse 2.0 dohc gs (chrysler american) likes to idle low around 400-500 rpms and now and again to 100 rpms– do you think this is the idle control servo (motor) I was hoping to get feedback from a Mitsubishi mechanic on this– one other interesting fact is that when it is at idle at a stop if I turn the wheel and engage the power steering it will idle normally around 800-1000 rpm— is there a way to clean this component? or should I just replace it? I cleaned the throttle body which was very dirty– is the idle control servo located on the throttle body? thanks for the help

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