Speed Constant Noise In ’96 Sebring JXI Above 20 Mph

I have a ’96 Sebring JXI Convertible that I bought last October with only 59K on it. It had sat alot, so have done plenty of little work and a full tuneup with wires,distributor cap and rotor, new hoses and S-belt, and rear brakes, tranny flush & fill. I’m leaning towards a tire issue. Just within the last week, when cruising over 20 mph, a hum starts and with the top up is pretty noticeable to be coming from the rear. It doesn’t follow RPM’s, so I didn’t think it was a small exhaust leak, because I was coasting at 40 mph and slipped into neutral and revved the engine and the noise didn’t fluctuate at all except with the slow down of coasting. The tires are close to needing replaced and I do not see a foreign object on either tire and both are tight and have proper air pressure. Just
I don’t believe it’s weatherstripping as you can hear it with the top and windows down, but isn’t as noticeable until about 30 mph. Doesn’t cause a noticeable vibration on straightaways or in turns. New rear brake shoes 3 months ago and drums turned.

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