My Brakes Make A Dragging Sound Like The Brake Pads Are Not Fully Disengaging From The Brake Disk. The Cause

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It is not a very loud drag but it is noticeable. From the sound, I picture it as the brake pad(s) still making contact with the disk, well after the brake pedal is released. The car was purchased from Maine, so I can see that the salt has left it’s mark, since the brake calipers are a rusty brown, on the outside. Is it likely that replacing the calipers, would fix the problem, or could this be a brake hydraulic problem?

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    1. Troy says:

      Just a stuck caliper. Replace the pair, not just one. Might as well go ahead and put new pads on it while you have it apart.

    2. doane_nut says:

      The calipers may have rusted guide pins that can be cleaned up, greased and reused, or need replacing. The pistons could be sticking. The flex hoses could be collapsed inside and not allowing pressure to bleed off.

      I would start by checking the guide pins.

    3. lar says:

      The calipers on cars that live in a salt free environment are a rusty brown. What you can do is lift the car and rotate the tires by hand and see if they have a drag. A lot of times I can spot a problem like that. Then when you don’t seem to be getting anywhere step on the brakes and see which one is easiest to start again after you let off the brakes, May not even be a caliper, but a brake line.

    4. Chris says:

      Brake pads remain in contact with the rotor at all times. They just don’t push against the rotor with any force when you’re not braking. Calipers will be a rusty brown unless you paint them, even after a few weeks on new cars. Drive the car for a couple miles, then stop and feel the front wheels (not the tires) carefully because they might be hot. They should be about the same temp; I can’t imagine both calipers being bad. If you’re a halfway decent mechanic, you can rebuild them. Remove the caliper, then remove the piston. Where you buy new seals should be able to tell you how and what to check for. Another quick check… Does the car roll down a slight incline? Then your brakes aren’t sticking. They could be noisy because they need to be cleaned, that’s why brake spray cleaner was invented

    5. MuzzledRooster says:

      Have you checked the pads to see their condition? This can often be done without removing the wheels if you have 5-spoke style wheels. My guess is that your brake pads are worn to the point of needing to be replaced and what you’re hearing are the wear indicators doing their job.