My 99 Eclipse Gs Is Throwing The Code P0171

Hey guys, i cant figure out what is wrong with it. i know it means it running lean, but what could it be? everyone says its the mass air flow, but obviously mitsubishis dont have one. im also having problems with my brake booster, it has been replaced numerous times and my brakes are still very hard. so im starting to think maybe its a hose or some sort of leak. but what other type leak could cause this problem? i have already fixed the exhaust leak, and it helped just a LITTLE bit, but it did help. the exhaust leak was very noticable, and you could see it, but im not seeing any other leak, so where should i look? the motor in it isnt the stock motor, the person i bought it from did an engine swap, but since i bought it i cant re-contact this person to ask questions about it, so i thought MAYBE, (since he WAS 19) maybe he tried to put gs-t motor in it but when he decided to sell it, took off the turbo, because that too would cause the same type of symptoms .. like the hesitation and so
on, but i was reassured that thats probably not the case, but im running out of ideas and im about to have my baby in january so i need a working, running and safe car. any suggestions? thanks a bunch!!!

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