I Currently Own An 06 Dodge Ram 1500 And Would Like To Increase My Payload Capacity.

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I was wondering if I could swap my current springs for the springs from a 06 Dodge 2500, or should I buy different springs all together or just try adding additional spring leafs. I am trying to keep this as inexpensive as possible but I definately need the capability to haul more weight.

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    1. Robert R says:

      Just changing the springs is asking for grief later, you need to change the axles and wheels too, they are different in the two versions, in the long run the safest is to just trade for a 3/4 ton or larger model. if you really need extra capacty go all the way to duallys

    2. John Sr. says:

      The current payload capacity of this vehicle is approximately (rated) 1,500# cargo, 8,900# towing, 22,300# fifth wheel arrangement. If you intend to carry a lot of construction materials, recommend changing leaf springs to the 3500 series and place “helper” shocks (encased in coil springs) on the rear axle. This will increase rated captaincies by about 900#. If you want more, then go to the 3500 model and increase entire suspension system.

    3. Httnmrtt says:

      You can get air shocks, booster springs and add-a-leafs from most after market dealers. Try JCWhitney.com. Next time, get a real truck.

    4. Thermo_king2002 says:

      It is a bad idea to increase payload , you can do all kind of upgrades on your vehicle like springs and tires and wheels but the #1 thing you can not upgrade is the frame, if you try to increase weight you can do frame damage

    5. Walter Chaos says:

      Go to the local “”front end and Suspension”” store and talk to them before you start swapping and buying stuff that you do NOT need—-I want you to know that it ain’t cheap to have this kind of work done ———but it is worth the cost for the desired result…just buying stuff ain’t the answer…it all has to be fixed correctly or else the differential will be screwed forever and you will be replacing pinion gears a bunch of times ….what you got now is a level vehicle and what you are planning to do is raise the rear end..so what happens is you no longer have a straight line in which for the drive shaft to run_______________good luck