Can I Take Out Some Leaf Springs On My Truck To Help Lower It

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Okay, so i have an ’88 mazda b2200 and in a few weeks i am gonna lower it a few inches..2″ in the front and 3″ in the back to be exact. For the front i am replacing the stock coil springs with 2″ lowering coil springs. The rear is where i have questions. I heard i could take out some leaf springs to help lower it. Not the main ones but the two middle ones? and then could i get a flip kit? or just a flip kit? or take out the leaf springs and get a block kit? if you know what would be best, please let me know. and also, I only have like 170 or so to spend. I know i could do it with that though.

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    1. steven j says:

      yes but your ride will be real bouncy

    2. Stampy Skunk says:

      No, dont remove any leafs….. just do the flip. Put the axel on top of the leaf springs and you will be fine.

    3. bryan w says:

      check your axle tube. it’s about 2 inches. go for the flip. Taking the springs out will make it to where it’ll bottom out a lot easier. also keep an eye on your front tires. they’re probably going to start wearing on the inside because of the geometry change on the a arms. dropped spindles aren’t too expensive. PS my old 86 B2000 didn’t have springs in the front, just torsion bars

    4. ALIENX x says:

      Every bump in the road will feel like your teeth are coming out but yes it will work remove the entire rear end assembly you will need to fabricate new clips