Hydraulic Clutch Problems On A 1995 Ford Ranger

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I have a 1995 Ford ranger 2.4 C.I. 4 cyl. with a hydraulic Clutch
it has been slowly leaking brake fluid. usually i put more fluid in and it works fine. now it wont do into gear how do i bleed it and how do i find the leak?

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    1. BFH says:

      The slave cylinder is inside the bellhousing behind the release bearing. You will find a bleeder screw on the left side of the transmission bellhousing near where the hard plastic hose goes in. You will need to have someone push the clutch while you have the screw open, and hold it untill you tighten the screw. Repeat this process a few times making sure the reservoir does not go empty during the process.

      If fluid is leaking from inside the bellhousing and dripping out the front, that means you need a new slave cylinder. Unfoortunately you have to remove the transmission to perform that repair. Good Luck!

    2. ldychynna says:

      http://www.explorer4x4.com/bleed.html ^(http://www.carparts21.com/goto/http://www.explorer4x4.com/bleed.html)
      this tells you how to bleed the clutch.

      http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/585670-finding-a-clutch-leak.html ^(http://www.carparts21.com/goto/http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/585670-finding-a-clutch-leak.html)

      here they can help you step by step on the finding a leak

      good luck