How To Get Rear Caliper Brake Piston Back On Buick Regal 1996

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How to get rear caliper brake piston back on buick regal 1996?

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    1. Mad Jack says:

      If you are asking what I think you are asking here is what I use.

      I use a large “C” clamp to press the brake caliper piston back into the caliper housing when replacing disk brake pads.

      There is a special tool for this but a large “C” clamp works just as well.

    2. bestwrencher says:

      if it has an emergency cable to it then you have to spin piston while pushing in, i usually take a pair of needlenose pliers and put the tips into the grooves on piston top, spinning piston while pushing in piston should make it collapse, there are special tools for this but the pliers work for me

    3. ken k says:

      those are a pain in the schmeck//you have to turn them to get them back in the seat//i dont remember which way to turn tem but hey its only 2 ways//some times they are corroded so bad they will not reseat and you have to get 2 rebuilts/check under boot to see if they are corroded and if they are you have to go to plan b

    4. bobweb says:

      The piston rotates back in unlike the front caliper piston that simply pushes back in. Use the tool shown below: ^(