How Much Is 1976 Corvette Worth

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It has 78,000 miles, needs work…. exhaust, tires, brakes and paint. It has been in the garage for about 20 years.
Just curious about its value.
We have had this car since 1978, my husband wants to keep it, he says some day he will work on it! I was just curious as to the approximate value. I think we need to sell it as is. We were offered $5000 a few years ago but he wouldn’t sell it.
And it is a 350.

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    1. dale b says:

      It’s a tough car to call with just the little info you provided. That being said, if it’s a 454, it might be worth $10,000 if everything is pretty sound. If it’s a 350 automatic, I wouldn’t pay over $12,000 AFTER it has been restored. There are a lot of them out there, and they were underpowered. The EPA had wreaked havoc on the horsepower #’s by then. Good luck.

    2. Bubba B says:

      To get a local value, go to: ^(

    3. Hurk says:

      First of all this year of the corvette didn’t come with a 454. The last corvette with a 454 that was made was in 74′. A 1976 corvette has to come with a 350. Since the late car from the late 70s are underpowered they aren’t as desirable. Also the corvette that you describe needs a lot of work so that also diminishes the value. With all that mentioned I wouldn’t pay more than $6000. If it is more than that you can find better deals especially in this economy.

    4. TW1967 says:

      These estimated values were obtained using the eVette Corvette Value Estimator software.

      If it is numbers matching with no options the value is about $6400. Optional equipment, such as the L82 engine and power windows, could had some value. If the car is not numbers matching the value is around $2560.