Help I Broke The Bleeder Screw On My Brake Caliper

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I broke the bleeder screw in half, the other half is still stuck in the caliper. There is a some thread left, so I tried to twist it off with a vise grip, but no results. The car service shops don’t want to try to get it out, they just want to replace the while caliper. I want to exhaust all my effort before I replace the caliper as a last resort, any advice?

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    1. carparts21 says:

      remove the caliper so you can work on the bench. you can try an easy out you can also try heating it be careful of the rubber seals in the end you may just end up replacing the caliper it may be cheaper

    2. carparts21 says:

      year ,make and model would help.calipers are cheap any way.

    3. carparts21 says:

      you can always try to drill it out man thats the only way I can think of. Depending on your cars make and model year its cheap to replace the caliper with a used one.

    4. carparts21 says:

      if the bleeder stayed tight before it broke then bleed the brakes from the other side but spray the bleeder with pb blaster before trying to loosen it.

    5. carparts21 says:

      They make tools for removing bolts that are broken off. The one I use is all Ezee-out.

    6. carparts21 says:

      you will need a easy out tool to take it out its not expensive at can-tire just tell them for what you need your easy out for and they will give you the right size make sure to heat up you caliper around the bleeder before you try to take it out use a little propane torche

    7. carparts21 says:

      Get a new caliper.If you have torches take the caliper off the car dump ALL the brake fuid out Use a small tip and heat it up around thr bleeder put a 2×4 so the pistoms don’t pop out.Get it warm it will probably come out were safty glasses or a face shield because this a dangerouse operation And I do not recommend it.but I’ve done it before.If you get it to hot it will fry the seals.if you use compresd air to pop the piston out then you are reasonably safe.Then you will need a rebuild kit for the caliper.My best advice isBUY A NEW/REBUILT CALIPER.

    8. carparts21 says:

      this is very common with bleeders.people tend to overtighten can easy out it if your lucky.if not.redrill and tap for a larger bleeder,or best advice is to just replace.even a used one will work.

    9. carparts21 says:

      Get a small propane torch. Heat it up really hot. Turn gently.