Have A Burnt Plastic Smell From Left Rear Tire And It Is Hot As Hell What Could This Be

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It only happened on the left rear tire on my Explorer 05. It smelled like burning plastic and there was a lot of heat coming off of it. What might this be ? I check the E-brake and it was not engaged. I got underneath to check the exhaust, no holes or smoke. I’m clueless form this point on. It is coming off of the brake mainly

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    1. madman172 says:

      if tyre hot wheel alin if hub hot bearing, brake

    2. Jessica says:

      i don’t know anything about cars, but every time my friends find a problem with their car they quickly take it to a mechanic cause it could be dangerous.

    3. jeryl m says:

      your tires need to be rotated or changed the tire is worn causing it to slip around a small amount when under lots of stress. if not changes you could have serious problems. this happened to me way to late but it wasnt to serious since im in kansas but if it goes to long then it will slip easier and someday when ur trying to go up a hill it will slide around in there and you wont go anywhere but backwards

    4. Paul says:


    5. watimizit jack says:

      Hey bro B carefull
      By now you probably have a blow out and you are upside down on the side of the road.
      i dont mean to scare you, but thats some serious stuff.
      take your car to the tire shop like at 2 hours ago.

    6. bewst says:

      It really sounds like your brake caliper may have seized. Just means your one brake on the rear left is stuck.

      Disc brakes, which I’m not sure if your explorer has in the rear, has 3 main parts. The disc, the pad and the caliper. The pads go on either side of the disc, and the caliper puts pressure on the pads, which causes them to rub on the disc, which creates friction and slows you down when you press the brake pedal. Sometimes the calipers stick, which causes the pad is constantly rubbing against the disc.

      I’d recommend fixing it as soon as possible; its basically like driving with your foot on the brake all the time.

    7. LTCCMJ says:

      It sounds like your left rear brake is locked up either due to a bad caliper if it has rear disc, or a collapsed brake hose. If it drum brakes i would check the wheel cylinder. Are you sure the “E” Brake cable moves at that wheel back and forth? You will need to physically see the cable move. If it doesn’t move or only moves very slightly i would investigate the E brake cables and or E brake shoes if it has rear disc.

    8. roger says:

      From your brake caliper that is stuck and spring won’t go back.

    9. Mark S says:

      Have a Professional replace every thing that’s wrong with the brakes.

    10. baldie says:

      the emergency brake might be hanging up back at the wheels. even though the parking brake is released up front does,nt always mean it,s released back at the back. sounds like the shoes are,nt releasing away from the drums.

    11. zero says:

      have it towed on flat bed to shop.