Does My Kia Spectra Have A Hydraulic Clutch

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I’m pretty sure it is…correct me if I’m wrong, I think the other type is called a mechanical clutch, and that they don’t really use them anymore in cars? And if it is a hydraulic clutch, how can I check the fluid? Shouldn’t it be a small plastic container about 1 inch in diameter located close to the back of the engine, usually near the brake fluid reservoir? Because unless I’m blind, I can’t seem to find it.
I’m pretty sure my clutch is about to go (losing torque, when shifting into 5th rpms go up but car doesnt go forward to match and sounds doggy etc), I’m just trying to eliminate possible cheaper solutions instead; i.e. the fluid, or master cylinder, maybe the cable needs tightening, or maybe theres even oil somehow leaking onto it causing it to slip. I know I’m reaching here, but clutch’s are expensive and of course, not covered under warranty. If you guys can help, that’d be great :)
sorry guys – its a 2006 kia spectra, with 44,600 miles on it. forgot to mention that >.<

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    1. Steam_Kid says:

      ? year ? model?

      just look at autozone or any auto parts web page for it, it will tell which it is or just call the auto parts they’ll know.

      some cars use the brake fluid reservoir instead of a separate reservoir for the CMC. you should see a hose connecting from the CMC to the MBC.


    2. Zander D says:

      it is hydraulic and the fluid is part of the brake master cylinder reservoir so make sure it is filled their is not much you can do with modern clutches if it is slipping that bad it will need to be changed and if oil did get into the clutch it will still need to be changed because it will glaze the clutch and the flywheel

    3. HannahTheSwearBear says:

      I was having the same problem not to long ago after someone else drove my car.{2005 Kia spectra 5} They where shifting to hard. Causing the gears to drop hard. They were also jamming the clutch in to hard. All it needed was to be tightened.

    4. Ronny B says:

      It does have a hydraulic clutch, but there’s no separate reservoir for it on these. The brake fluid reservoir is the source.
      Here’s a website with some good info on the Spectra: ^(
      Use DOT 3 or 4 fluid if needed.
      You’re doing the smart thing by checking the simple stuff first. Good luck!