Is It Safe To Stack Coil Spring Spacers

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It is illegal or bad to stack coil spacers? I have all the right lower and upper arm replacement parts for a 4.5 inch lift and blocks for the rear, but I do not have the shocks yet. BUT i can get ahold of a 3 inch solid spacer and a 1 3/4 solid spacer and stack them to get 4 inches WAAYYY cheaper than I can buying new coils. I hear about people stacking spacers all the time for the coil springs but they are usually 1 or 2 inches. I was just curious. Thanks.

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    1. Michael G says:

      Can you stack coil spring spacers? Yes. Would I suggest doing it NO! Alot can go wrong having spacers stacked. If you look at lift manufacturers they say dont add spacers to their lift kits. It is just to much lift and turning could become an issue too.

    2. Carol says:

      I wouldn’t, that would be really unsafe!! There is no way to keep them together other than the pressure of the coil. I can just see one slipping and popping out.

      Actually that would be kind of funny, if you don’t crash first.

    3. Terry G says:

      If you need to go taller change the springs.

    4. zzvegasbaby says:

      It would be like riding on marshmallows for springs. If you are an Emo that likes to cut yourself, then go for it.