How Hard Is It To Replace Coil Springs And Shocks Front,rear On 1968 Chevy Truck

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Someone heated the springs to lower the truck and i want it back to stock

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    1. hotrod in 7-11 says:

      don’t ever f with the coil springs there compressed and when it comes out it will take your head off, this is not a good do it your self for the first time type of job

    2. gittit says:

      Its basicly a piece of cake for a weekend project. Rent a coil spring compressor from your local parts store. Replace your front lower ball joints while you have it tore apart-they’re cheap too. Buy a chilton’s manual from that same parts store-they’ll like the business!

    3. a99blkdog says:

      buy a shop manual and watch your fingers…get the spring compressor…have help

    4. Thomas H says:

      Front springs – pain in the ass , you will need a spring compressor

      Front shocks – easy

      Rear shocks – easy

      Rear springs – easy , take off the shocks , jack up the frame until the rear tires are 1/4″ off the ground , then the springs are loose and not under pressure , they will come out easy when you un bolt them.

      You can do it all in a day if you have all the tools , jack and stands ready to use .

      I like to throw my tires under the frame as a secondary safety incase the jack or stand fails.

    5. eldoradodave says:

      You would be surprised at how little it costs to have the springs and shocks replaced at a place that does it and sells them.Like the other fellow said get new ball joints to while you are at it

    6. tommy44432 says:

      Not hard to do if you have thr right equipment…tools…spring compressor…etc. If you are mechanically inclined go for it. If you aren’t and you need to buy the tools then take it someplace to have it done. Basically you remove the wheels…compress the springs…put a jack under tha A-arm…loosen one end of the spindle/ball joint so the A-arm will drop away…then remove spring and reverse to assemble. If you are going to keep the truck just replace everything with new while it’s apart.

    7. timberrattler818 says:

      you will need a spring compressor but as for changing the shocks easy as pie, just jack the car up until ur wheels are off the ground then just lossen the nuts on the shocks slip out and replace in reverse order. i did all 4 shocks in my 72 nova in under 2 hours