How Do I Use Coil Spring Lifters They Go Between The Spring Coils And Have Bolts To Adjust Them.

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I need to know where I put them in my springs, top, bottom what side and all that good stuff. Any help would help.
They look like two halfs of a muffler clamp and there is a bolt on either side that has a nut on the top and bottom of each bolt. I belive you spin the nut out to push the two clamp looking pieces out forceing the spring apart. Am I supose to put them between two coils or skip a coil and go between three? Does somebody know where to find instructions on the proper use of them?
Theres two of these things per wheel.
These are universal coil spring control made my Mr. Gasket Co. I can’t find directions for them any where. I know the basic idea of how they go on but a little more detail would really help!!!

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    1. Mad Scientist Matt says:

      Are you talking about the devices used to lift a coil spring out of the car? If so, you put them on, tighten them, and unbolt the spring. You’ll want a good maintenance guide.

      If you are trying to stick screw-adjustment mechanisms into your coil spring to make the car ride higher, there is no right way to use them. These things will make the ride much rougher – sometimes almost like bolted solid – because they don’t let the coils move. And a poorly designed set can even risk breaking the coil or falling out if you go over a bump and have the suspension droop. You are much better off finding a taller set of springs or a correctly designed spacer to go between your springs and their perches to lift the vehicle.

    2. studmuffin says:

      put 1 next to the tire and 1 cross from it.if your going to use them,then your using the best kind,but i would just get new springs,for all they cost.

    3. gejandsons says:

      Jacking the car up will take the pressure off the springs & make them easier to install. Put 2 on each spring. Directly across from each other.
      Good luck