How Do I Know If I Have Coil Spring Or Torsion Bar Suspension

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Hi i have a 1999 ford ranger 2.5 litre 2WD not sure if i have a coil spring suspension or a torsion bar suspension- not really sure how to tell the difference any dead give aways so i know for sure??

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    1. kelly_f_1999 says:

      type into search box coil springs which is a big spring cant misss it then type torsion bar suspension wil see differnets

    2. hummertech h3 says:

      look under the truck, if you see coil springs then you have coil springs, if you see no springs and 2 longs bars coming from the control arms those ar your torsion bars

    3. tar says:

      The rear of the truck has leaf springs…just so were clear.

      Easey way to tell. Look in behind your rt or lt front wheel. Turning the wheel first will help. Look for a very large spring that is in tha shape of a coil. If there is one, you have coil spring suspension. If there is no coil spring, you have torsion bars.

      Torsion bars are long bars that run from your lower controll arm to a crossmember in the middle of the truck. Hope this helps.

    4. bandit_60 says:

      look under your truck by the shocks. if you see springs then you have springs.