How Do I Adjust The Shift Linkage 1969 40HP Johnson Electromatic

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Ok guys i had the problem with this motor jumping out of gear and a few answers turned up a spun prop, clutch dog, etc…i replaced the forward coil and the springs last weekend and it still jumps out of gear under a load. One more guy said it can be in the shift linkage adjustment. What do you think and how do you do it? lol thanks-I am ready to sink this thing.

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    1. Clawless says:

      I don’t believe there is any adjustment on the electromatic shifters, the coil energizes and that’s it. How does the wiring look? Could there be an intermittent failure in the circuit that energizes the coils.

      Also are you using the correct gear oil? It HAS to be the Type C oil.

    2. Richard C says:

      There is no adjustment for and electromatic. If you have 12V DC on the blue or green wires, that’s it. Johnson used a control box with an electrical switch inside. Evinrude used a push button shift. Your problem is the spring, and the knurled sleeve that it fit’s over. If the sleeve is too smooth it will not work. If the spring has over heated it will loose temper, in fact I’m surprised you found a new one……If used….it might not work at all. Look for a bluing of the steel. My advise is to find a used manual shift 40 and trade power heads if you can. Actually 50
      HP in the mid 70’s are far better engines. See if you can find one for less than $800. You might have to buy the boat and all. Good luck!

      EDIT: 7/3 Today I saw a a 16′ boat, with trailer and motor, that had been on the market for $2100 reduced to $1000 , on cregslist, in Baltimore. I think the engine is an 85 HP Evinrude. Sometimes it’s better to buy something that runs rather than try to fix a 30 year old motor.