Car Seems To Lose Power When Accelerating And Feels Like It’s Going To Cut Off

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2005 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx LS V6 Just had new plugs, new serpentine belt, new front brakes and rotors, oil change, new air filter, sway bars, and an exhaust leak fixed. The day after having all of this done, the car seems to have trouble speeding up. It doesn’t do it all the time, just occasionally. It happened today while trying to go up a hill. It kind of jerked and chugged chugged and then finally caught speed and power. It also mostly does it when entering the freeway. I didn’t have the plug wires replaced, but I’m thinking maybe i should have? I have no idea what is going on and need to get this fixed asap. Please help. I can’t be driving around with my kid and have the car cause an accident.
Check engine light has not come on. My mechanic that I have dealt with for years did all of the work. This problem only started after my most recent fill up at the gas station. I am starting to believe I may have gotten some bad fuel. This happened to me once before when I had a trans-am. The problem isn’t consistent, only occasional. I put some additive into the gas tank directly. I can’t remember what it was, something to clean the carbon and whatnot. I am hoping that when I refill my tank later today (at a different station nonetheless), the problem will be solved. If not, I will be definitely taking it somewhere to get a diagnostic check run.

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    1. goldwing127959 says:

      First have the fuel pump pressure. Also have the fuel pump filter replaced.
      It sounds like the car is staving for fuel, it an be any of the above as to the reason it is doing this.

    2. Robert M says:

      Who did all this work, the dealership?? First of all, locate and clean your IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE and throttle body. Use Gum-out spray. Then remove whatever plugs were installed, and use BOSCH Fusion plugs or Denso Twin Tip plugs. THese create more usable power, lower emissions, and improve fuel economy. Since your engine has cast iron cylinder liners, it is best if you use a good synthetic oil in it, like Mobil One or Pennzoil Ultra.Never allow this engine to overheat!!!Kepp your engine bay clean with frequent washings. GOOD LUCK!! Your exhaust leak was probably caused by a poor air/fuel mixture.

    3. Sean says:

      Did you have this chugging issue prior to the maintenance on your vehicle, and i mean any rough running, even if its small? Changing the plug wires at the same time of changing the plugs is a good idea, one its easier to keep a maintenance record doing it that way, and typically the insulation of the plug wire itself deteriorates along with the plug. You dont need expensive plugs and wires, platinum plugs, iridium, double platinum, they are good, Autolite is a good cheap brand and its great and ive never dealt with issues on them. NGK is the only expensive brand i would make a special payment to get regarding plugs. Plug wires, Autolite would be good to go for, you dont need the big name brand stuff. As for the acceleration issue, do you have an engine light? Its hard to tell by your description if its transmission related or if its emissions.
      Are the jerks abrupts? Do they happen only when accelerating? Is shifting normal?(does it feel like it stays in a gear too long, or shifts hard, or maybe feels like it stays inbetween gears, aka feels like the clutch is engaged) Do you get sputtering at any other time even when not accelerating? Does it do it when its cold? or only when its been running a while?
      If it has an engine light, take it somewhere like auto-zone and get the code, if you post what the code(s) is/are it will narrow it down.
      Reason ide like these answers is because, for sputtering that can range from emissions to transmission, and there is alot of inbetween in those catagories.
      Please let me know, ill do my best to help you out

      *your additional info helps alot, its very possible you got bad gas, Let me know if it works out for ya.*