Brake Fluid Pressure In Caliper Does Not Release

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It is my 1995 Mazda Capella (The same as 626). The brake fluid pressure at rear left brake caliper does not release immediately every time I release the brake pedal. The pressure holds for 1 or two seconds more (the brake drags the disc) and then release slowly after the car starts to move. It holds if I do not move the wheel. What is wrong? Is it the ABS hydraulic pump, the ABS control module, the wiring or anything else?

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    1. Alfonzo says:

      You probably have a “sticky” caliper.
      It’s a 1995, so it’s about due for a brake job. With most 15 year old cars, it’s not such a bad idea to have the brakes replaced/redone.

    2. Wayne D says:

      If this problem only affects one brake it,s probably the caliper.It may be over extending due to worn pads or there may be dirt in the piston which causes it to return slowly.

    3. Stephen says:

      You are probably looking at a piston in the caliper, that is probably scored or a bit rusty thus not allowing it to return to the bore as fast as it should. Check the dust boot around the piston for signsof cracking or tears, your abs system I believe is working fine, you are looking at rebuilding the caliper or switching it for a new one.

    4. Country Boy says:

      Listen closely: The caliper is sticking because the brake fluid is contaminated with water. The inside of the caliper has rust and corrosion inside causing it to stick. It’s important to have brake fluid completely flushed and replaced every 6-8 tears maximum regardless of the miles on the car.

      People don’t realize this but their master cylinders are vented to atmosphere to operate properly. Brake fluid, no matter which type sucks up moisture from the air like a sponge. All the brake lines are inexpensive soft steel tubing and the calipers are usually cast iron. Both of these metal types rust and corrode easily. The pistons inside brake calipers are at the end of the line for the moisture contaminated brake fluid runs.

      A new re-manufactured brake caliper will fix your problem only of you get the brake fluid flushed. You’re going to have trouble with the other three calipers if you chose not to heed my warning.

    5. Old Man Dirt says:

      One thing at least that the others have missed – it could be that the hose that goes from the chassis to the caliper is failing. If who ever did the rear brakes last time did not use the proper methods to protect it from damage the internal lining could be restricting the return flow.

    6. pigletcutter says:

      The most likely answer to this question is that the slides on the caliper which is what allows the brakes to slide have lost their boots and are dirty.
      Simple solution:
      Remove the tire, remove the bolts that allow you to replace the pads, If you have a wire brush or better yet a bench grinder with a wire wheel on it clean bolts lube with a small amount off grease. (be careful not to get any on the pads) Now reinstall the pads and the caliper using the cleaned and lightly lubed bolts. Reinstall tire. Bleed the brakes.

      Problem solved!

    7. equipartsdude says:

      Okay, the brake calipers on the rear do not work the same as the front calipers for the reason that the rear calipers also have to work off your emergency brake. If you have the caliper in your hand you will see that you will either have two pistons on one piston. With some big pliers or channel lock pliers grab one piston and start rotating it either clockwise or counter for quite a few turns and you will see that the piston will begin to reses back into the caliper. Now the reason why this is, is because the rear pistons have to adjust themselves as the pad is getting worn and as they wear the piston notches to the next closest notch towards the rotor for better braking. The front ones adjust themselves closest to the rotor. So DONT FORCE THE PISTON BACK INTO THE CALIPER, YOU WILL DAMAGE IT!! hope you got that.

    8. mister ss says:

      either your emergency brake is partially on and not releasing or the brake caliper is bad.