Why Does My Brake Pedal Go All The Way To The Floor

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Just replaced the front pads on my 2002 Nissan Frontier and now the pedal goes to the floor and I have very little to no braking power? Do I need to bleed the system? Everything else checks out, no leaks. Thanks

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    1. Nathan W says:

      You only need to bleed them if you cracked open a line or introduced air into the system. if not, have a mechanic look at it

    2. Munch says:

      do what nathan w suggests.

    3. Rick says:

      You did not change them the correct way and got air in the lines. Yes get help and have him pump pedal a few times and hold until you break the bleeder valve open after it comes out tighten back before letting up on the pedal. keep an eye on your fluid and do this to each wheel until you get a full pedal. Next time take the caliper off get a big C clamp and push the piston back in then slide over new pads. good luck p.s. tap lightly on bleeder valves with a hammer before turning they break rather easily.

    4. Mrknightii2000 says:

      Odds are the calipers a sticking. This may improve somewhat in time as the caliper piston seal re-seats itself, however you should replace or rebuild them.

      Here’s what happens. During normal operation rust can form on the piston as well as some particles are in the fluid (especially if it hasn’t been flushed regularly). When the piston get rammed back into the caliper all the rust get jammed between the inner rubber seal and piston holding it in place.

      When you put your new pads in hit the brakes the first few times the piston is suppose to continue to move out and take up the clearance between the rotors, pads and piston.

      However, the piston is now sticking. So now when you press the pedal the piston has to move a large distance to take up the space before and brake pressure can be generated.

      I’ve taken hundreds of calipers apart and they all show some evidence of this. You should flush the brake fluid, but bleeding will have no effect.

      This is a very common, misdignosed brake problem that I have run into many times over the years.

    5. David T says:

      Partially agree with mknight, try applying the brakes a few times and see if it goes away. When you push the piston back into the caliper to make room for the new pads, they have to find their new home. Usually just applying the brake a few times corrects this and no further action is needed. If not, just bleed the system.