Why Do My New Rotors/brakes Grind

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So I just did the brakes on my 2000 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8 (rear drum). I put on wearever rotors (not the cheapest atleast) and wearever gold pads (semi metallic). After I first began driving the passenger one began to grind, but than after 100 miles it went away. Now my drivers side does it, but has been for 250 miles. I checked everthing, and nothing is backwards, and everything is on correctly. One strange thing is that there was no anti-rattle spring or anything really like my manual said their would be. Anyways, after I did the bed in procedure the grind lessened, but it is still there. I do know that these are cheap brakes and rotors, unfortunately I cannot afford good brakes until nov 1, but I needed brakes desperately so I went with the wearevers. I will also note that the grinding sound was like grrr (silence) Grrr (silence) Grrr (silence) but now its just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Are they still braking in (its been 275 miles). I have double checked twice, so nothing is contacting with anything that I can see. I do know that if it doesn’t stop I can return them for my money back, I was just kinda hoping that someone would say , “ooo this happens to me everytime with cheap pads, just give it a few hundred more miles and you’ll be good bud.” If this isn’t the case just tell me when pads/ rotors to buy. Also, I would like to note that they brake incredibly well, and evenly, without loping or grabing. I know that my brakes are low quality So please, don’t just tell me to “buy good brakes”, instead tell me what are good brakes to buy if I drive 500 miles a week (400 on highway, 100 on country curvey brake-alot roads), and need good stopping power because I get distracted.
That reminds me, the pads were so fat that they were touching the rotors, and the pads were not 100% flat, but now it seemed that they have pretty much evened out.
I did spray them down to clean them, and wiped them down, but I will try it again. Any specific way that you would suggest cleaning them to clean them as thoroughly as possible?
Well all were wrong. The new pads had put a nice groove in the rotors because the outside one on the drivers side had a chunk of metal instead of a “shard” which was simply gouging the rotors. It was defective and I decided to get cermamic cheap brakes and viola, can’t hear a thing.

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    1. Lost On Planet Earth says:

      Some brake pads will make a squeeling sound but what your having i have no clue. I do my own brakes. I just put brand new in my 97 toyota and they make no sound at all. The only question I can think of is the brakes backing off after you stop pushing brake pedal. Or are they sticking tight. Try turning the wheels with it jacked up. If you can not turn them there is a problem. They will be some resistance normally.

    2. Michael says:

      I’m not sure about this one, but I suspect the surface of the rotor wasn’t thoroughly de-greased. Rotors come with a rust inhibitor that has to be washed off with brake cleaner and I think some spots were missed. To remedy that properly you will have to disassemble the pads and clean the rotors well, sand the pads lightly, and see how it works when reassembled.

    3. Bandit_60 says:

      Some of them will make a noise until the pads get set to the new rotors.