Whats The Cost To Get New Brake Calipers, Brake Pads, And Rotors On My 1997 Ford F150 At Dealership. All 4.

The front two brake calipers/pads/rotors are grinding and the back 2 just need to be replaced. any idea on how much at the dealership to do this? stores like Drivers Edge, Midas, and Just Brakes are all over- quoting in the $1000’s or more. the truck is still drivable and the brakes work, just not as good and grind fairly bad. I know the front two will need new rotors/calipers/pads for sure but the back may just need rotor resurfacing and new pads. just need a ballpark figure so i dont get screwed. Firestone screwed me over last year. theres no way 2 calipers, 2 rotors, rotor resurfacing, and brake pads should cost over $1000.

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