What’s A Fair Price To Pay A Friend To Put In New Front Brake Pads & Routers

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I purchased the pads & routers at employee discounted prices :-D. My friend is retired (early) & does brakes every week; gets customers from word-of-mouth referrals. I trust his skills; just haven’t a clue as to amount I should pay him. I have an ’07 Nissan Sentra, 2.0S. I use it for my job & put 1,000 city only miles on each month – easily.

Of course he’s said he doesn’t want to be paid….& of course I fully intend to pay for his service, but * HOW MUCH * ? Any practical answers?

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    1. Fire's Shaddow says:

      Pizza and beer is always appreciated. I would say $50 as that really is cheep although I dont see him taking it, so like I said pizza and beer, or whatever he likes. Or if he is single make him dinner(single guys really appreciate a home cooked meal)

    2. The_white_knight says:

      Give him 20 or 30 bucks. That seems fair to me. If I were doing it for a friend, I wouldn’t want money either but if they just HAD to, I wouldn’t want anymore than 20 or so. Any more than that and I’d just feel bad.

    3. Kelly_f_1999 says:

      Ok so do it like this
      how much you pay for parts
      pay him the same would be fair price since a shop 80 bucks a hour

    4. Glenn B says:

      50.bucks and shake your butt at him he will like that.

    5. Lazyboy_93 says:

      If he is a good friend sometimes bar-be-cue is the best ordeal. my buddies and I do that alot and I usually fix it for free. Or I have them do the job with me supervising. No Money involved just a learning experience. if they fix it 40-60 bucks is good.

    6. Bolocrush says:

      Since he’s your friend know that work doesn’t come free and you ll be more inclined to want to pay him for his services the next time around rather than expect something for free. Regular shop price is around $80 to $90 and hour and @ minimum they would charge 2hrs labor. So be professional and keep it real $50 is what i charge my female “FRIENDS”

    7. Alleyoop0391 says:

      Pay him $50 and don’t take no for an answer! That job is just work and not a fun job and all retirees can use the extra money.