What Are Some Good Oem Replacement Brake Pad Brands

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Just looking for some that will work good on a hyundai.

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    1. Jamie says:


    2. Bobweb says:

      “OEM” means Original Equipment Manufacturer. So I guess your saying “what companies made the brake pads for Hyundai vehicles?” I don’t know the answer, but some good aftermarket brands are Raybestos (Pep Boys stores) and Napa Auto parts stores brands. To be sure the replacement pads are compatible, you might look for an internet direct parts source for OEM Hyundai parts to “get your cake and eat it too” by getting OEM parts at a discounted price.

    3. Mobile Auto Repair (mr Fix It) says:

      I almost stopped doing brakes way to many complaints about squeaky noises from brakes
      they were raybestos also i had a lot of brake shoes linings come loose or unglued
      it was bad
      so i looked and tries several brands
      auto zone junk
      pepboys junk
      i herd napa had a good one i never tried
      i found Wagner thurmoquiet works great they are quiet last a long time and wont turn your wheels black like auto zone ones did

    4. Baldie says:

      I usually get duralast from auto zone. i get the lifetime pads, and if they go bad, all i do is take them back and get new ones free.

    5. Mdk68gto says:

      Your best bet might be to stick with hyundai parts.