Service Engine Soon Light Came On Its A 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse. And Im Broke.

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I have 152590 miles on the car. I just paid 515.00dollars for new brakes and pads. I barely hear anything besides a little purrr. I know i am over due for a oil change but a couple of weeks ago i poured two bottles in it and the stick looked like that made it full. I have never gotten a full service check on it, not even after 50,000 or 100,000 miles. what could it be.

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    1. Ccgriffin1972 says:

      2003 Mitsubishi eclipse- nice ride ! !

      You need to get it to a ASE certified mechanic, it needs to be serviced by a pro.

      Sounds like your driving it into the ground to me, it wont last long at all if you don’t fix what is wrong with it.

      The light could mean anything – needs to be hooked up to a scanner so it can say what is wrong….

      Hope that makes sence

    2. Bobweb says:

      You may have a bigger problem looming and don’t know it yet. You have an “interference” type engine. If your timing belt breaks, your most likely in for a major engine repair. The timing belt should have been replaced every 60,000 miles (unless you bought the car in California) which means it’s either overdue for the first or second change or due for the third change very soon. You may also need a new water pump installed at the same time. The total bill will be about $600. The other problem looming up for you is that your transmission will probably not go over 200,000 miles. If I were you, I think I’d get the timing belt and water pump replaced and plan on buying a new car when the transmission fails. This assumes that you’ve had regular engine oil and coolant changes.