My Rotors & Brake Pads Need To Be Replaced. How Long Can I Drive On Them Until It Is Completely Unsafe

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I know that the obvious answer is going to be “as soon as possible” or “its already dangerous” or “it depends on how much damage has been done”. I’m really broke right now, so I’m looking for an actual answer. An hour? A day? A week? A month?

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    1. Bob says:

      About a couple of weeks, you might loose some braking. It’s more the noise factor that will make you replace them. everytime you stop, it will be incredibly annoying

    2. Mustanger says:

      No one, with any sense, would give you an answer to that. However when you wind up in the middle of someone’s rear bumper you’ll know for sure that you waited too long.

    3. Rksobers says:

      Im on the same shoes
      Im changing them next week per my mechanic

    4. Stargazer says:

      I guess the answer is…..who told you that your brakes needed replacing?

      How bad did they tell you they were?.

      If an inspection station wouldn’t pass the car because of it….then…..the next time you drive the car….head right for the repair shop and get new ones.

      If you are “really broke”…as you say…then….either borrow the money for the brakes….or get a ride from someone.

      Putting off the inevitable is only going to get you or someone else killed….yeah….KILLED!!…….. don’t take the risk!!….get the brakes changed.

    5. Dimo J says:

      If they still stop the car, and if you compensate for the reduced stopping ability, and keep in mind and be ready for a total brake failure … it will not be completely unsafe until and unless you have total failure. No telling how long it will be until they fail completely. Of course, you could end up having to replace the calipers as well as the pads and rotors…

      If you can adaquately compensate, very little is unsafe.

    6. Makomatt says:

      Probably a year if ur happy to put up with the squeeling sound, it will just end up being metal on metal but the rear pads will have more on them so u will just have to depress the brake pedal harder to compensate for the loss of pad material on the front because the front always wear out before the back. dont stress nothing will happen just get it done when u have the cash