My Car Makes Grinding Noises When I’m Backing Up

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I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 105,000 miles on it. For the past year or so, it has occasionally made these odd grinding sounds from the rear when I start the car and put it in reverse, and continues to make the grinding noise until I’ve stopped moving backward and put the car in “drive”. The car jerks a bit when it does this, as if it’s idling too low and is trying to die, but it *never* does this when I’m in drive, or when I’m in reverse but have have been in the car for a while: it’s only when I first start the car and am backing up.

I’m certain that it’s not the brakes, because then it seems that the grinding noise would come from the front (it’s a front wheel drive car) rather than the rear, and eroded brake pads wouldn’t make the car shudder.
I’m concerned that it might be some crazy transmission problem. Any ideas??

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    1. Ford Man says:

      I would say its a tranny problem no doubt. probably a bad tranny fluid filter. i’ll tell you how to check for a faulty filter: first drain all your tranny fluid completely. put more in and see if it comes through the filter and down into the pan. if not you have a clogged filter. tranny filters are small and weak and will go out easy. make sure you prime your filter when you put it back in too. if this works fine it shouldnt be a tranny problem.

      hope this helps

    2. Gremlingts says:

      Even though you have front wheel drive, you still have emergency brakes on the rear. If they’re sticking or rusty, they’ll usually make noise backing up, but not forward. Maybe. Do you use your emergency brake all the time? If so, try leaving it OFF one night, parking on a flat surface, leave it in gear, chock the wheels, etc. In the morning, try to back up, and see if the noise is gone or not. If it IS, then it may be the emergency brake unit causing the brakes to stick until you roll forward and unlock them a bit, then you wear them down some. Sticking cable inside the cable housing may keep your rear brakes engaged by the emergency system until you wear them some. Check it out.

      – The Gremlin Guy –

    3. Johnny B Good says:

      You better take it in to a professional to have it checked before something breaks totally that could affect the handling or drive-ability of the car. It will be cheaper to catch it before this happens. Not to mention the wear and tear on your nerves that it is causing.