Is Wagner Good Brake Pads

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I have a 2000 mitsubishi galant . v6 car. It time to replace all the pads and rotors for the front and rear wheels. I tried to replace the pas by myself but i have to be honest i just did not understand what was behind the wheel and how to replace the pads. So it would be great if someone who can help me with a pictoral description to replace the pads and rotors. Also I just bought WAGNER pads and rotors. Are they good ones or is there a moderately better brake other than WAGNER..

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    1. Supervfive says:

      Wagner’s are fine, have installed thousands of them, a normal product, that’s a good company

    2. Kenneth S says:

      Wagner is an excellent brake pad. The company has been in business for many years…that speaks for itself. I have used them with no problem. Go with them…you’ll be ok.

    3. Steven D says:

      Wagner is one of if not the best pads out there, there thermo-quiet brand is the only thing i use in my shop. listen if your not sure what your doing as far as brake job is concerned. take it to a shop. brakes are important and you dont want to crash into a bus full of nuns and kids