Is It Difficult To Change The Brake Rotors And Pads On A 98 Nissan Altima Gxe

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I have a 1998 nissan altima gxe. The rotors and brake pads are bad because they make noises and crunching noises when im dirving. This is gonna be the first job i do on my car for by myself. So i want to know if it is hard to do. I dont have much experience with car repairs. so i want to know if it is difficult to do.

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    1. Superman says:

      Dont know ask me when i get the car and do it.

    2. Bill (dollar Bill) says:

      No, as a matter of fact it is quite easy!!!!.

    3. Don R says:

      It’s a more easy one that I’ve seen. Follow the book. If you need a new rotor, just slide the old one off and put on a new one after you remove the caliper and pad carrier. Get some brake fluid so you can flush and bleed the lines. Flushing should be done every couple of years to remove moisture and other contamination.

    4. Josh_heuser says:

      Just google how to do it. I would recommend getting some stuff from the auto store that is like WD-40 but way stranger. Something that penetrates the nuts and bolts that will make it easier to loosen them. They have been on there for 10 years, they will not be easy to get off, but if you get some type of a penetrating loosening spray it can be done.

    5. Pedro7of9 says:

      1 get shop manual best 20 dollars you ever spend……
      2 most auto parts store websites have “how to” section..advance,,,auto zone..etc
      3 you will need nore tools than a screw driver and slip pliers
      4 good luck

    6. Rob says:

      As this is the first job you’ve done on your car, just take your time and do 1 side at a time then if you forget how it came apart you can refer to the otherside to ensure your doing it right. Make sure you fit the brake pads the right way, sounds stupid but you’d be surprised. Also as this is your 1st job i wouldn’t bleed the brakes just keep it simple. Remember to press your brake pedal 2 or 3 times before you drive it. Then avoid heavy braking for 200miles.

    7. Fwf43 says:

      You will need metric sockets, probably a 13 and 15 mm. A hammer and a C-clamp. Remove the tire. Unbolt the caliper and remove from the knuckle and rotor. If the old rotor will not pull off, you may need to tap out with a hammer. Spray down the new rotor with brake cleaner, do not wipe or touch with your hands. Do the same with the new pads. Allow both to air dry. Remove the old pads from the caliper. Using an old pad, place over the piston(some models have a double piston) and compress using a C-clamp, Use the hardware supplied with the new pads. Press into the caliper. Slide the caliper over the new rotor and replace bolts. NOTE: If you dont open the brake lines, there is no need to bleed the brakes. Do only one side at a time.