I Need New Rotors And Brake Pads For My Car Do I Buy Just 2 Rotors Or 4

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  • Just front or front and back?

    There are 6 Answers for "I Need New Rotors And Brake Pads For My Car Do I Buy Just 2 Rotors Or 4"

    1. Tkltafoya says:

      If they all need repacing, they all need replacing! The only way to tell is to remove the wheels and look!

    2. Edkane52 says:

      If u r just doing ur front brakes 2 rotors 2 brake pads for the front. most likely u dont need new rotors for the back just pads.

    3. Loretta_pdx says:

      Why can’t your just turn your old ones? are they that bad? how long where you driving on bad brakes?

    4. Just A Guy says:

      It Depends.. Does your vehicle have 4 wheel disk brakes or drum brakes in the rear. All newer vehicles have front disk brakes.

      You need to find out if you have 4 wheel disk brakes or not and if you do, you need 4 rotors.

    5. Flumaker says:

      Depends on your car, if your car is equipped 4 disc brakes then go ahead and buy all four!!!

    6. P51man says:

      The way your car brakes is 70% front, 30% rear. You will need to replace your fronts at least twice before you need to replace the rears. Also if you didnt run on bad brakes for too long or they haven’t passed the minimum thickness you could just have the ones you have turned on a rotor lath for about $7 – $10 at an auto repair shop.

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