I Have A Grinding Noise Coming From My Right Front Tire.

It only occurs when I’m driving and has a tendency to happen when I’m slowing down. At higher speeds, there’s a sound from the tire that reminds me of a mass of birds chirping. All from this tire. Thought it was the wheel bearing but I jacked the tire up and it doesn’t wiggle at all. Brake pads were recently installed as well as new tires(within the last two months). It is a 93 Nissan Sentra 1.6 liter dual cams. Taking it to be looked at Saturday but want a second opinion from anyone here beforehand.
Thank you all, but the breaks on the car are fine. I don’t have to slam on them or anything. Make no mistake, they’ll be checked. But I’m really betting something wasn’t installed correctly. Once again thanks for all this.
Wow. i get to eat my own words. It is the breaks. They wore down quickly(the pads). Calipers to be rotated. Quite a few of you hit on this so I don’t even know who to choose for Best Answer. Thanks everyone.
I’m sorry. Rotary’s not calipers. lol

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