I Have A Grinding Noise Coming From My Right Front Tire.

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It only occurs when I’m driving and has a tendency to happen when I’m slowing down. At higher speeds, there’s a sound from the tire that reminds me of a mass of birds chirping. All from this tire. Thought it was the wheel bearing but I jacked the tire up and it doesn’t wiggle at all. Brake pads were recently installed as well as new tires(within the last two months). It is a 93 Nissan Sentra 1.6 liter dual cams. Taking it to be looked at Saturday but want a second opinion from anyone here beforehand.
Thank you all, but the breaks on the car are fine. I don’t have to slam on them or anything. Make no mistake, they’ll be checked. But I’m really betting something wasn’t installed correctly. Once again thanks for all this.
Wow. i get to eat my own words. It is the breaks. They wore down quickly(the pads). Calipers to be rotated. Quite a few of you hit on this so I don’t even know who to choose for Best Answer. Thanks everyone.
I’m sorry. Rotary’s not calipers. lol

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    1. Starbright says:

      Buy a new car

    2. Wide Awake says:

      Sounds like a break or rotor problem. Check your rotors and caliper, they may be grinding due to uneven wear, etc. Go to a break specialislt or check it yourself if you know how.

    3. Mbafromuiu says:

      You need new brakes. If it was happening all the time it would be the wheel bearings. Be ready to pay for new shoes and probably new rotors.

    4. Terri Berri says:


    5. Twin Dogs Tour says:

      Your doing the right thing take it too the shop

    6. John M says:

      A wheel bearing only needs .003″ of freeplay to be bad. you wouldn’t be able to feel that.

    7. Boomfiziks says:

      It sounds like a classic case of brakes needing replacement. If you do, do me a favor and check for prices. I’ve found places that were complete rip-offs…charging over $600 for front brake replacement. I now do my own brakes…for about $30.

    8. J K says:

      Ball bearings, that is really!!!!!! (!!!) important, you need to get them checked

    9. Lacey L says:

      My hubby says that your brake rotary’s need to be turned.. Hope this helps:)

    10. Stephen K says:

      Sounds like something grinding against the brake rotor, possibly a locked up caliper, if your brake pads had gone too low before replacement, you could have overextended the caliper causing it to not work properly once it is compressed to install new pads.

    11. Bob says:

      Well just because it doesnt’ wiggly doesn’t mean that it’s not the wheel bearings. Another clue that points to the wheel bearings is if you drive it and you slightly turn the steering wheel left or right while you are driving. If the sound goes away when you turn the steering wheel then it is the bearings.

    12. Devin says:

      New brake pads does not rule out that it couldn’t be the brakes. If you hear it when you are stopping then more than likely its your brakes. Just my opinion.

    13. Partyguard says:

      The wear indicator on your brake pads are touching the rotor, to alert the driver that the brake pads are worn out. It is a small metal scraper that touches the rotor when the pads get too thin. That’s what it sounds like to me.

    14. Drixn5078 says:

      You should take it the the mechanic where you had the brake pads done. He might have put them in wrong. The grinding is the effect of metal on metal, your rotor is at risk.

    15. Ed says:

      If the pads were just changed, is there wear on the rotor. The callipers may be rubbing. The wheels may need to be balanced.

    16. Kdc_91 says:

      Sounds like a bent rotor. have you had to SLAM on brakes recently before noise started?

    17. Steven P says:

      A wheel could feel tight and still have a bad wheel barring, check breaks in and out,

    18. Cool D says:

      Sounds like possibly the right front brake caliper needs to be replaced, possibly the piston is sticking, just get a new caliper and brake pads.
      make sure your wheel bearings look good, take them out and look at them, check races, for scuffs, etc….replace/ pack with grease

    19. F100_supersabre says:

      Even if it doesn’t wiggle it could still be the bearing, as it might be in need of lubrication.
      IF they did NOT turn the rotor when installing the pads, this could be the problem.
      It could also be alignment and/or suspension.

      OR a combination of any or all of the above.

    20. Joe H says:

      It seems as though you have had a lot of work done to the front of your car. As crazy as it sounds, you can start by checking the lug nuts to the right front tire. If these are not tight, it could explain your noises. If these are ok, I bet some thing else besides new brake pads needs to be done on your brakes.

    21. Misplaced Falcon says:

      Its something you cant see. There are probably joints grinding inside your axle. Maybe corrosion or rust. Do yourself a favor and get it checked out by a professional, You don’t want your axle to fail on the highway. That WONT end well.

    22. P W says:

      It could be brakes or wheel bearings from what you have said either one. If you have a bad caliper it can eat a set of pads in less than a month had one of my cars do this to me for me it was in the rear though. not a ball joint no constantly moving part in ball joints. generally if wheel bearings are bad enough to cause a bunch of noise like that it is obvious when you jack the wheel up and try to wiggle it you can here the bearings clinking around. try spinning the wheel by hand, if you feel a clicking it is bearing if you have a lot of trouble moving wheel by hand (assuming you put vehicle in neutral with E-brake on) your brakes are not releasing the way they should.

    23. Dodge Man says:

      I own a sentra and when those start doing that its usually a wheel bearing going bad ,they wont wiggle around like the older cars would and they don’t act up until they usually get hot,don’t be surprised if they do tel you its a wheel bearing bad on it,those are pressed in and sealed bearings,so they wil do what your describing without having any looseness to them,good luck.