How Much Will It Cost To Replace The Brakes On A 05 Nissan Altima

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I think I need to replace the brake pads on all four wheels, but I’m not completely sure. I got the car used and it was pretty beaten up for an 05 model, the brakes are really squeaking, so should I do all four?

The rotors should be fine though. Thank you so much for help, this is my first foray into the worldof car ownership and I’m kinda clueless…

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    1. Joe says:

      If you’re doing yourself, not much. Go out and price some. If paying someone it will be about 100 per axle, but they will insist that you at least turn rotors, if not replace them , and I’m sur they’ll find plent more wrong. I would do my self but I would probably turn rotors to at least eliminate any hard spots.

    2. John Paul says:

      No one can actually price a brake job with out inspecting your car. Nissan factory brake pads front and rear could cost $100 then 2.0 hours an axle at your nissan dealer rates. There are scammers out there shops that say 4 wheel brake job for only $100 but they never say how many people ever pay just that. Always (machine smooth) resurface the rotors when the pads are changed. A experenced nissan tech can do your car for the amount they say. We know if the hardware is worn and missing.