How Much Will Is Cost To Repair Brake Pads And Rotors On A ’98 Dodge Caravan, Approximately For Labor & Parts

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I am a female going into a Midas and I just want to make sure I’m not getting over chargedx… they don’t have prices posted on their site.

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    1. Donald Tran says:

      Midas doesn’t overcharge people, but you shouldn’t be paying more than 80 bucks for a new set of brake pads with labor.. .I dont know about the rotor

    2. Jd_mitchell2000 says:

      I think a lot of will depend on if there’s any hardware needed. & honestly I would avoid Midas, because in my experience, they will over charge. Check out other places Plus these guys:

    3. Stonedog_33 says:

      Male or female… midas overcharges.

      Years ago, I took to replacing my own brakes, and the price difference was staggering. My cost for a complete FRONT brake job is $39.00 —>

      This includes: New brake pads: $20, Resurfacing of both rotors: $8 each, and Brake Cleaner: $3 can (add $40 to this estimate if buying 2 NEW rotors)

      It is good to clip coupons for Midas, otherwise a basic FRONT brake job will not cost less than $120. You will find the itemized price list at Midas to be substancially higher. Labor cost, and price markup for parts are common shop practice.

      Heaven forbid they want to sell you new rotors, they may try to charge you $80-$100 each. As stated before rotors cost $20-$30 each at the part store.

    4. Prechaman says:

      No more than 500 bucks for everything!!!

    5. Cubbyrock1313 says:

      Most Dodge dealers will replace the front brakes with a Make-it-New kit, which includes front brake pads and rotors, and labor for about $260. Most times the rotors are not worth cutting do to the fact that they become thin or are pitted on the back side and will warp right away. to buy the parts separately it would be around $300 just for parts and $100 for labor,. Much better deal for the kit.