How Much Should It Cost To Get Your Brake Pads And Rotors Replaced

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I recently bought some rotors and brake pads off the internet to assembly onto my car myself. Unfortunately, I can’t do the job thanks to some seriously stubborn bolts, and was wondering how much it should cost to get them put on professionally when I supply my own parts. I wanna know so I don’t get ripped off by some mechanic, since it should only take about an hour, tops, with the right tools. So, how much should it cost?

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    1. Frankie says:

      Depending on where you go it should be $150 to $200. They may charge a bit more since they will not be making money marking up the parts.

    2. Virgo7254 says:

      My husband always charges a little more if he has to fix someone elses mess

    3. Mark says:

      Year, make, and model please. Pay for the right tools and penitrating fluid and do the job and ask the same question again. Most shops will not take your parts and it will be cheaper for the shop to do than for you to do it yourself since you did not invest in the same equipment they did.

    4. Daniel says:

      Just come bring the stuff to me. I’ll do it for 10 bucks. lol

    5. Moe Fugger says:

      150-200 would be fair, figure an hour for the pads flat rate @ 100/hour and .6-.8 to install the rotors with no warranty