How Much Should I Pay For Replacing My Front Brake Rotors And Brake Pads

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My brakes are going went to pep boys they said my brake pads are gone and i need to replace the pads and the rotor at the bare minimum but they said i should think about changing my front left caliper to and replace the brake pads for the back to with also the rear brake drums too how much should it cost to get it all done and what should i pay for just getting my front brake rotors and pads put on?
its a e250 1998
its a work van a 98 ford Ecoline 250 a E250

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    1. Mr. Knowitall says:

      $100 to $2000 it all depends on what you drive.

    2. Roanmtman says:

      Car make and year?

    3. Sarah says:

      Don’t go to pep boys they’re not very trust worthy but it depends on the car how much it will cost what kind of car is it? It also depends on their labor fees. I go to a local mechanic and I pay low labor fees sometimes no labor fees because I used to work there.

    4. Wall C says:

      Go to another shop and get a second opinion just to make sure. Many shops will try to sell you work that you don’t need. I had been a mechanic for 12 years and worked for different shops.

    5. Myhippiedaddy says:

      What do you drive make and model at pep boys for a mid size car this will be a round $500 parts and labor. bye your self a repair book it will tell you how to do it anss save your self some money

    6. Kelly_f_1999 says:

      Call a parts store to get a parts price
      anyone with any kind of tools can replace brake my wife does her own brake jobs

      brak epads cost 30 buck or less rotors start at like 20 bucks and up
      my van cost me about 75 dollars to replace pads and rotors

      real easy to do brakes

      type into search box

      how to check brake pads
      how to remove brake pads
      how to remove brake rotors
      how to bleed brakes
      you can add video to end of any of these and watch a video of a brake job
      really anyone can do it for less most or many shops charge like 80 bucks a hour plus part so you say hundred buck each end easy

      you can cal any three local shop ask how much you know what it needs can tel lthe shop you need a rotors an d pads replace an dwant to know about how much pep boys wil be higher than most

      you can call a parts store
      ask for brake pads front or rear brake rotors an da caliber then say hour each part say four hours 80 bucks plus parts price but youy can do it for half that at home

      an dyou can learn how to do most every car maded that easy

      didnt say what car but you can go to
      top of page says do it yoru self typ ein your info find a place a price and get a how to do it

    7. Thresher says:

      Have them show you the untouched parts.Show you the manual specs (the minimal thickness)for that year make and model.Tell them to show you that they are undersize.By taking a micrometer and measuring the thickness.If they won’t or can’t you,tell them to put wheels back on and go to another place.