How Much For Brake Job On 2004 Toyota Highlander

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I know that I am getting ripped off from the dealership but does anyone know how much a brake job on a Highlander costs? I am getting new pads and rotors and the calipers need “grinding”. I should have taken it to a local but I needed warranty work done as well. Thanks!!

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    1. Tlworkroom says:

      Well, you’d probably feel you’d be getting ripped off from an independent garage then, too, based upo what you’re having to do on the brakes.

      The main problem is when you’ve got to replace the rotors and drum (if any), because those are the main parts of the whole brake system, with the pads being the replacable parts. So if you wear the pads down too far, then you start wearing on the rotors, and then that imbalances everything. But you’re not alone in this problem, I’ve done it many times in my life, and then had to pay megabucks to fix everything back to normal.
      If you replace pads within their lifetime, then the rotors stay good and you avoid the extra costs.

      So once you get the warranty work done, and the brakes done at dealer, then you can go to an independent garage or one of the regional or national brake centers to get your brakes redone easily and with less expense. If you keep the brakes changed within their time frame, then you can stay with the cheaper prices. Sometimes, the brake garages will charge only $100 to replace pads, if you don’t need any work done on rotors, etc. But that’s where a garage makes it’s money, selling you the parts to fix your brakes, not merely replacing the pads. So if the rotors need replacing, then you’re looking at probably close to $100 for each one, if you’re lucky. there are cheaper ones, but they will rarely go with them unless you’re offered a choice.

      So it’s a hard lesson to learn, but learn to get the brakes done on time, and you save hundreds of dollars in repairs, rather than just replacement costs. And don’t get the cheapest pads either. I’ve got a little 1991 Corolla, and went with cheap pads, and I can tell it’s harder to stop car. I”d rather get the expensive ones, and make sure I won’t be slamming into someone’s rear end in the future.

      So with having to replace rotors (on all 4?) and pads, I’d say it can cost you easily $500 up to $700. With proper future maintenance, it might only cost you $100 for all 4 pads.