How Much Does Rotors, Brake Pads And Installation Cost For A 2006 Altima

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How much does rotors, brake pads and installation cost for a 2006 Altima?

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    1. Vipassana says:

      Call a shop and ask.

      What do you want us to do, just pull an estimate out of our head and magically have the answer?

      Meanwhile, it would take you less than 5 minutes to just call a shop and get an actual quote.

    2. Dv8or says:

      $250 with the OE recommended Ceramic pads around here.

      Front or Rear? that can vary a little!

    3. Kelly_f_1999 says:

      Call three local shops gets you a local price on a brake job you might not need rotors so dotn say you do just ask about a brake job
      call one parts store you can get a price on parts pads and rotors pads like 30 bucks or less rotors vary 20 bucks and up most shops charge like 100 each end just for pads and they turn your rotors if they can some cities might find a brake shop that wil do all four wheels 99 bucks to replace pads i do mine own brake jobs at home cost me like 70 bucks to replace pads and rotors

    4. Lance says:

      When you are calling around to get estimates be sure its for “ceramic breaks” because you don’t want to get cheap breaks on such a nice car, if you do get cheap breaks they will just wear out quickly, they won’t stop the car as good and they will get black dust all over your rims.