How Much Does It Cost To Replace BMW X5 Front Brake Rotors, Brake Pads, Front Suspension Bushings And Alignmen

Posted in Brake Discs & Pads | Asked on Sep 2, 2010

The steering wheel on my BMW X5 vibrates when i hit the brake at 75 mph speeds one of the mechanic told me to replace the brake rotors, brakes, front suspensions bushings and then the alignment after that. Does anyone knows how much it normally costs??. thank you

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  1. Pedro7of9 says:

    My wag is 1200at dealer…may b 800 private shop..its a BMW after all

  2. Shawn says:

    Probably quite a bit for a bmw! you may just need some new brake pads and to have your rotors turned? sometimes when the rotors get hot from the brakes especially if they are the hard lifetime warranty brakes and it warps the rotors, that is why you feel the shaking when you hit the brakes. you should find out how much new rotors are and if they are really expensive you can maybe just have them turned and trued to take care of the shaking. :o P

  3. ????? says:

    I just recently did the suspension (Bilstein), brake rotors and pads all around as well as the rear ball joints on my BMW E38 because the brakes were fairly down and I wanted a different ride feel (hence the suspension).
    You can get Bilstein struts for $100-150, depending on which ones you use. Some BMW models come from the factory with a Bilstein suspension so the parts are top quality, made in Germany. The brakes are stock BMW and so are the ball joints. The whole job cost me $1800 dollars but they worked on it for two full days so it’s a reasonable price considering their skill and quality of work. It took so long because the bolts weren’t in their best shape and hard to get off (Canadian and Michigan weather).
    Call your local BMW dealer for a more precise estimate but I think with what you need, $1,200-1,500 is realistic.

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