How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Brake Pads And Rotors

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I just went for my NY inspection. They wanted to charge me $ 600.00 to change my brake and rotors. I drive a 2003 ford explorer. Does that seem about right?

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    1. Laxplaya4 says:

      Wow umm rotors(sport ones) are about$250 for a 2003 Ford Explorer. And pads are about $85. that is an insane amount to charge for that simple of a job. i would buy the parts and find a friend that is somwhat mechicaly talanted. its so easy. im 16 and i can do it.

    2. Chuy says:

      I think that’s right…because i believe you have 4 rotors! rear and front. I just paid $320 to change my rotors and that was all just on parts and i only have 2 rotors. So i believe that’s around the price. Look up the price of your rotors & Brake pads like on and add the price for the repair which is like $50 something dollers per hr. which should only be an hr maybe 1 1/2 hours tops!

    3. Kelly_f_1999 says:

      You can do it your self three or four times for that price … front pads 25 bucks rear about the same rotors vary.. call any auto parts store and get a price for parts and you wil see.. most of the time a brake job just for pads start about 100 bucks which is high knowing what i know i do it all my self maybe a couple hundred but it sounds high .. call a few places ….. ask how much to replace it alll pads and rotors front and back….which hardy ever needed now if you dont need rotors which most of the time you dont unless you have wore them out or they been grinding.. you can look the price up

    4. Erica A says:

      Rip off! If you can find someone to do the brakes and rotors for you do it. auto zone has the best price for those type of parts. Only paid $130.00 for brakes and rotors there and $80.00 for labor for the person to do it.

    5. Ford Girl says:

      Who’s “they”? According to, front brake pads for your 2003 Explorer cost $97.49US (part number 4L2Z-2001-BA), and front brake rotors cost $89.67US each (part number 4L2Z-1125-AA). So, if we do the math here, that’s $276.83US in parts alone. Since you mention NY, I’m assuming that labour rates in that area go for around $100.00US per hour. Typically, most dealers pay their techs 1.5 hours to replace front brake pads and brake rotors. That means at $150.00US plus $276.83US works out to about $426.83US plus taxes. That doesn’t sound too far off from the $600 you were quoted if you add the taxes in. Hope this helps.