How Much Does It Cost To Change Brake Pads And Rotors

I recently went to a car repair shop and these are the things that they want to do with my car… get new front and rear brakes, new front rotors, service front calipers and rear drums and bleed all system. The mechanic gave me an estimate of $454 including labor and parts. Is that a good deal or does that cost too much? My car is Nissan Altima 1999.
I just want to add that they said my brake pads are almost gone that is why I hear screeching sound whenever I step on brake while I drive. That screeching sound according to them is grinding of the metal. I really need to have my brake fix as soon as possible. Please don’t advice me to do it by myself because I cannot do it. Just let me know if that quoted price good or not. Thank you.

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