How Much Does It Cost For New Brake Pads And Resurface Rotors

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1999 Chevy Tahoe. Not sure if I need new rotors or if they can be resurface. I got new brakes maybe 2 or 3 years ago from Sears.

Thanks is advise

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    1. Tanner says:

      2 or 3 years ago??? Assuming you are a regular driver, you should have replaced your pads a year ago. I have leaned how to do mine and I do them once a year now. You will most likely need the rotors shaved down too. For all for 4 pads and rotors, I would say you are looking at around $100-$150 (An educated guess)

    2. Barry In Seneca says:

      Disc brakes are the easiest brakes to replace… especially on the non-driven wheels.

      Your amount of time your brakes last depends on how you drive, if you keep 1 foot on the brakes, and if you do mostly city or highway driving. 3 years is not unusual.

      If your rotors are not too dug up, they don’t need to be resurfaced. I’ve had rotors with a single groove in them, left them, and had no problems with high speed. stopping. Eventually, the brakes will wear in. You can only turn the rotors a couple times (depending on how much they want to take off) before they have to be replaced.

      I’ve got a local tire shop which offered to replace the brakes for $40 labor. The pads are available from any autoparts shop. I usually go for the mid-range brakes. Most NAPA parts houses will also turn your rotors if you need it.

      Seriously, it only takes about 30minutes to do brakes the first time, and you only need simple tools and a C-clamp. You don’t even have to touch the fluid.