How Much Does It Cost For A Brake Job On A 2003 Ford F 150

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Front pads, rotors, calipers

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    1. Dodge Man says:

      I own a repair shop,and if they use good parts and do everything right on it it should cost around 400 for everything,if the price is too cheap from them,their not doing everything that needs to be done,then again ,your hard ware on yours my be good ,so if that’s the case the price should be around 275 bucks for everything,good luck,i hope this help,s.

    2. 65stang says:

      On a 03 you should NOT need new calipers!! Unless the caliper is leaking for some reason (not likely) don’t let them sell you new calipers. Your rotors might not need to be replaced either, they can turn the rotors (which means remove a small amount of metal from each side) as long as they have not been turned too many times in the past. This is a reasonably easy job that can be done with basic tools and a C clamp. I would recommend doing this yourself. Most likely they can turn your rotors at a local auto parts store for <20 bucks and then you will just need to pick up pads. The price for pads will vary. I would not buy cheap pads, they produce a lot of brake dust and wear quickly

    3. Camden says:

      You own a truck and cant do a break job yourself???? come on man…just go buy a manual and do it yourself…its easy

    4. Michael C says:

      I agree with the post that advises you not to let anyone try to sell you calipers. I have NEVER seen calipers seize up on that particular truck. As far as machining the rotors goes, if it’s a 4X4, 9 times out of 10 the rotors seize up to the hub bad enough to require a sledge hammer to remove by which time the rotors are ruined anyway. The minimum thickness specs. for this vehicle are 25.1mm for 5 lug wheels, and 28.3mm for 7 lug wheels. I doubt you’ll be with those specs. if you attempt to have it machined though. Hope this helps.

    5. Gearbox1 says:

      I agree with the other posters.. Calipers are almost never needed on a truck like this (unless it was damaged, high milage (150k miles plus) or such) as usually any abnormal wear can be traced back to dry caliper slide pins on such trucks.

      To cut front rotors and pads is usually $189 at the shop I work for.

      To replace is $159 roughly for pads and labor plus what ever the cost of rotors/grease seals are (usually about another $100)

    6. Automotive Expert says:

      It should cost you about $250.

      Ford dealers usually run a coupon for $149 for pads only including installation. For a 2003, you’ll probably want your rotors machined so that it is completely true. That will usually run you another $100.

      If the mechanic is trying to sell you calipers, get a second opinion. The most he should try to sell you on your brakes is maybe to flush your brake lines and new brake fluid.